“Il Vecchio Casale”

Contrada Vigna

Vatolla di Perdifumo


Salerno - Italy

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"Il Vecchio Casale" is a characteristic family home, which was once the summer house of a local noble family. It has recently been restructured in keeping with its antique style from the 1700s. The structure, rebuilt using only the original materials, is situated in the beautiful hillside area of Vatolla, which is inside the National Park of Cilento , only a few km from the sea.

The location of the Agriturismo allows you to enjoy the rare breeze which is only to be found in these hillside areas, making the high summer temperatures more pleasant. At the same time, during the winter, you can spend evenings in front of the fire, completely immersed in nature.

Don't forget that only 10 km away there are the beaches of Agropoli,S.Maria di Castellabate, and a few km further you can find the beaches of Ogliastro Marina, Acciaroli, Pioppi... From may to september the Agriturismo is open for those with reservations everyday, at all other times of the year we are open at the weekend .All you have to do is click on the links (on the left of the page) and decide if you will be our guests for few days or if you will come and try some of our dishes..

If you come to stay with us we can also give you suggested itineraries of interesting things to do:

- Palazzo de Vargas,Museo Contadino in Vatolla

- The Castle of Rocca Cilento and Monte Stella

- The Archeological areas of Paestum and Velia

- Punta Licosa


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